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Right Data! Right Technique! Reliable Result!

...always by your side!

Welcome to Tezanalizi.com!

Since the year 2005, we are by your side in your scientific studies with our academic staff members who are expert in their field. We are combining our academic knowledge and accumulation with our expertise and continue to provide you more quality service.

We are providing all kinds of support that you might need by allowing one-to-one interview with our specialists who are conducting your research.

By sharing the load of your studies, we are mitigating the stress of busy periods to a considerable degree. With the support that we provide during and after the study, we leave no question marks in your mind. Experience quality and comfort with us.

With our academic staff who hold undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees on statistics, we are providing statistical consultancy professionally in data coding, data entry, data analysis and reporting.

By combining the right knowledge with the right technique, we are providing you the most reliable support in your studies with our academic knowledge accumulation and experience.

You can reach us from contact details for all questions and suggestions.

Who are we?

We are experts with academic background who hold undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees on statistics. As academicians and researchers who have command of and experience in all stages of data analysis, we will tell you better than you what you need in the fields that you are experts of and make sure that you overcome obstacles easily that look huge to you. Another task of ours is to make sure that you overcome the period during which we work together without stress and by taking joy.

We are happy to be with you with the countless services (analysis/reporting/education) that we have realised since 2005 and our renewed website. We are concentrating on your requests in your studies and continuing to progress by improving ourselves changing. With the principle of the right data, the right technique and reliable results, we are continuing to provide you with full and uninterrupted support with the studies that we perform without compensating scientific approach and quality.

Our services

Data entry: The surveys that you have performed are being transferred to computer environment with care by conducting suitable encoding to the questions in survey format. For consistency of the data to be obtained, incomplete and erroneous question forms are cancelled and transformed into a form suitable for analysis.

Data analysis: Choosing the most fit-for-purpose technique is very important for the quality of your study. In addition to the known techniques, we are adding value to your studies by using advanced analysis.

Reporting: The data found after data analysis are made into a report by using visual elements such as tables and graphs. If you request, your report is prepared within thesis writing manual rules.

SPSS training: Applied training is given in computer environment to individuals or groups. After introducing basic statistical concepts, the usage of package programs is explained in applied manner with examples through existing data.

Statistics lectures: The information that you need for your courses, exams or individual studies are provided by reinforcement with necessary documents.

Leave it to us

Do not worry if you have no time left from the busy load of working life, and the studies related to your thesis. We are ready to help you with our staff members who are experts in analysis and reporting. Leave the heavy load in your studies to us; let us manage everything for you while you are enjoying your coffee.

In addition, if you want to make small changes on your completed studies, let us revise them free of charge, and you experience its comfort.

You can obtain our support in all data analysis processes that you might need in professional working life. We are meeting your need for an article, project or evaluation by analysing the data that you possess in the most accurate manner. So, while you can reserve more time to your field of expertise, we are completing the data analysis and evaluation part.


We know how much time is important for you. We respect this and show the attention necessary so that you can complete your studies in the shortest time possible.

We have to gain your trust so that we can have a business relationship based on mutual trust. We do not request any charge if we missed the deadline that we promised you. We aim to work with you always with this discipline.

We are not joking while we are saying that we aim to always work with you. If you give reference to us, we are depositing 10% of the charge of the work that you referred to us when the work is completed.

While we are feeling the joy of obtaining your reference, you are making a business partner with whom you can always work.


Will I have the opportunity to see the person who will perform my study? Yes. We believe that seeing the person who will perform analysis is important and necessary so that misunderstandings can be overcome.

Will you tell us the studies which are performed? Yes. The details of your study will be transferred to you step by step.

Should I do the payment before or after the study? When your study is completed we e-mail one part of your study. When the fee is paid, we e-mail the complete study.

Can I call you and obtain opinion about my study whenever I want? Yes. Even if your study was completed, you can call us and obtain our support for questions that you will have in the future.

What do you mean by “small changes”? If a new work is performed in the case that different methods, analysis and reportings are requested, these changes are not free of charge. But the organizations/corrections which will not distort your existing study are considered as small changes and are free of charge.